About Elisabeth



Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, I have been fascinated by art as far back as I can remember. As a child I used to visit art markets with my mom on weekends, which reinforced my wish to become a painter. I took several drawing and painting classes for hobby, however, I discovered my passion for painting when I lived in Stockholm for six months- where I had a lot of time to follow my passion of painting. In a time of technology, I enjoy the handcraft and the feeling to create something I can hold in my hands. I am a self-taught artist and paint out of my studio at home. So far I have shown my work in galleries in Germany and the United States.


I find inspiration in nature, while travelling, in my daily environment in Berlin and in social interaction. My actual portfolio includes portraits of women wearing headdresses and café scenes. I am currently working on paintings of sights in Berlin.


I love to play with light, colours, patterns and shapes while painting intuitively and from my personal perspective. I mostly paint with acrylic and gouache paint, and sometimes with watercolours and coloured pencils.