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Live Wedding Painting

What is live wedding painting?

A live painted wedding painting creates a picture that reflects the mood and energy of a wedding and refrains to show everything in detail. Unlike photography, many individual moments can be united in one image. So I can include people or moments according to my customers requirements. I paint directly on-site, observe the situations and paint them. The wedding guests and the wedding couple can watch how this special day will be captured on canvas by a painter. A painting that recalls your memory, everytime you look at it. My name is Elisabeth Gecius and I am a painter from Berlin. I love capturing moments in everyday life and painting them in my own personal way. In doing so, I combine abstract elements with realism. I paint live at weddings (ceremony or at the party) or on basis of photo references.


How does live wedding painting work?

I drive to the wedding location about two hours before the guests arrive, so I can choose the right position to paint from. Then I start to paint the location. When the guests arrive, I start to incorporate them into the picture. I also take pictures to my studio so that I can finish the picture based on the photo references.


Which medium do I paint with?

I paint with with high-quality, lightfast acrylic paints on canvas or paper.


How long does it take to finish painting a picture?

I paint at the wedding and finish the painting in my studio. The bridal couple receives the picture at the latest two weeks after the wedding.


How can you book my service?

I can be reached via email: I will then get back to you in order to clarify the details.


How much does live wedding painting cost?

The price includes the painting time on-site at the wedding, the completion of the picture in the studio and at the end the picture. The travel costs, depending on the place, need to be added. The price depends on the size of the picture. Other sizes are of course possilbe. Just let me know when you send me an e-mail:



30x42 cm - 250 € (only for weddings in Berlin)

40x50 cm - 550 €

50x70 cm - 650 €

60x80 cm - 750 €